ESP8266 Secure CA Verification

While working on a secure cloud for the gang of the esp8266 based devices we are developing we need SSL – real and secure. And this August is the month of the SSL issues , it seems , but thankful to the Espressifs’ quick support they are on the way out. SSL Memory Leak The latest SDK v1.3.0 introduced a bug that simply didn’t call the disconnect callback of esp connections under some circumstances and that in turn leaked memory.

ESP8266 using different flash sizes – FOTA and Download tool

Which goes where – when using a bootloader for FOTA. The files: master_device_key.bin – Obtained from Espressif Cloud esp_init_data_default.bin – Stores default RF parameter values boot.bin – bootloader user1.bin and user2.bin – user firmware blank.bin – blank settings , flash to get default parameters 512KB master_device_key.bin 0x3E000 esp_init_data_default.bin 0x7C000 blank.bin 0x7E000 boot.bin 0x00000 user1.bin 0x01000 user2.bin 0x41000 1024KB Flash master_device_key.bin 0x3E000 esp_init_data_default.bin 0xFC000 blank.bin 0xFE000 boot.